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I found a beautiful door that I would like to use for my 2 bedroom doors! It is not a typical size, 84Hx28W. Is there building code that states your Bedroom doors have to be a certain size? I am located in Chicago if that matters.

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Check with your local Building Department. You may get 10 different answers here, but when you go to sell, you may have to change it.

Normal construction for bedrooms is 2'6" or 30" wide.

Usually a narrower door is to a bathroom or utility closet, linen closet, etc.

Make sure it meets your local egress (escape) code, as that is your primary escape route. Be safe, G

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Only thing I have seen specified is 6' 8" high, nothing on width
But I wouldn't put in any door smaller then 30"
My last house had a 24" bedroom door, made the room un-useable - could not get most furniture in or out

I prefer 32" doors & 36" doors for all exterior doors
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