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building code and sheds

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I know the answer to this will have to come from my building department of my city, but as that won't be available until next week I wanted to ask in general about this.

My city ordinances state limitations on the amount of property used for home and accessory structures and allows for 1 accessory structure, but no building permit is required for sheds under 200 square feet.

Would this typically allow or exclude building a shed that is under 200 square feet when there is also a detatched garage?

My parents are preparing their house to be sold, and they have an 8x10 metal shed that I can have, but I want to find out if I'm likely to have an issue before I begin dismantling it.

There are other houses that have detatched garages and sheds, BUT i know that somethings existence in this city doesn't imply that it's allowed - and at the moment I'm going through an electrical permit and I wouldn't be suprised that if he saw a shed and it wasn't allowed that he'd call the building inspector.
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It would be inappropriate for any of us that do not know codes for your area to comment and offer counsel on whether this out building would be allowed, what permits and variances might be required, etc. You may just have to wait until you can get to the building department for a definitive answer.

I should think a shed might be viewed as a temporary structure whereas a garage would be considered permanent? Whether that makes any difference to you I do not know. You said sheds under 200sf are not even placed on the radar? How big is this thing you plan to move?

That said, you might see you the library has any pertinent information. Do you have an real estate friends? They might get you closer to an answer or be able to pull up comps to see how things recently bought and sold traveled through the closing process?

Would you leave the shed where it is if it becomes a hassle to put it on your property? If the answer is no won't you have to pull it apart anyhow to sell on Craig's List, eBay or whatever?
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8x10 = 80 square feet.

Interesting point about being a temporary structure... It'd be on a wood framed floor sitting on cement blocks so no real foundation.

Oh wait, that describes my house too.:whistling2:
Will, try the City of Royal Oak website, and although I don't know how comprehensive it is, you may very well find your answer there. But, it will most likely be under Zoning, which is sometimes under Planning. Whether or not a permit is required is incidental to your question. What you need to determine is whether it is permitted within your specific zoning district, as well as setback, property line offset, and height restrictions as they apply within the zoning ordinance, not the inspection requirements. If you can't find it there, I would contact the zoning office next week.
Funny, I was sure I had read from the city's web site somewhere that only one accessory building is allowed, but reading the zoning ordinances they allow 2. Problem kind of solved..

Internet searches had turned up this document:

It is dated 2001 and states city code 770-36(A) 1 says "Only one main building (house) and one accessory building (garage or shed) are allowed per residential lot."

But searching on the city's web site turns up:

And under 770-22(A) 1 it states: "No accessory building shall be built upon a lot or parcel unless and until a principal building is erected, and shall not exceed two accessory structures per lot."

under the current rules 770-36 is for 2 family units, so I guess what I had found earlier must be outdated. 770-34 is for single family lots and points back to 770-22.
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