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building a shower nook

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I am going to be using densshield for a backer in my shower. I would like to build a "nook" for shampoo and stuff. Can I just frame this out and screw the densshield to it and then use red gaurd to waterproof it? If so how do I go about putting the red gaurd on? The framing and densshield shouldn't be a problem but I've never dealt with red gaurd or a nook before. Do I need to use tape on the corners where the nook meets the shower walls and also the corners on the back of the nook? Thanks for any help with using red gaurd for this.
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You can build the niche as suggested. The Redgard simply paints-on with a brush. I would use mesh tape on all junctures and double or triple coat with Redgard. Be absolutely sure there are no pinholes in the Redgard.

A better way is to simply buy a ready-made niche.:) Niche Product Decription.pdf
Thanks Bud, those sure are nice but I was thinking that since I'm going to have some scraps of densshield and some redgaurd left over it wouldn't cost much to build the nooks.

After looking at those pre built units a got to thinking. How do you attach the densshield for the back of the nook? Can I just use a liquid nails product to glue the densshield to the drywall behind it?
DenShield for a shower huh? OK, how are you gonna build the bottom of the wall where the Dens meets the shower floor? The floor will be tiled right? Have you looked at how they want you to do it?

Why not build a watertight shower? Kerdi anyone? :yes:

I am ready to put up 20x20 tiles in my shower....anything to be aware of? First time I am using such large tiles...
Jaz, I would like to kerdi but it's a price issue. Is there something wrong with using densshield for a shower that I need to know about? The floor isn't going to be tile, I bought a plastic shower pan. I did alot of reading and from what I read I thought densshield was a decent product for showers. Thanks
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