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Hey guys,
Now that Spring is getting closer, I'm beginning to plan my Springtime project, which is build a gable porch roof to an existing home.
House is a 5/12 pitch, and I will be building a gable end porch at a right angle to that roof.
The already poured patio is 8ft. X 20ft.
I have gone to Lowe's and Home Depot looking for books which will help me lay out the porch roof and give me some info on designs and guide me through the process without much luck.
I'm not in the constructioin business, but I can get the job done. (Just takes me a little longer because I'm slower than those who make their living doing it.)
I enjoy the process, start to finish and want to make sure I get all the basics down pat before I start the job.
To me, that's half the fun!
If anyone has any good sources for books on building porch roofs, I'd certainly appreciate your help!

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Steve, a roof is a roof. Just look up roof framing books on google. You'll get dozens of books.
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