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Building a fireplace with no kit

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I want to build a fireplace outside. I have no worries about catching anything on fire. I will build the firebox out of firebrick and refractory mortar. I would like to know if I can build the surround, throat ,smoke chamber and flue out of cement board and steel studs? uhhhhh, if I do will it last? Most likely I will build a few fires a year. The exterior will be stucco.

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I have no worries about catching anything on fire.
That's a good thing if you implement this design, because firebrick and refractory mortar are still going to let a lot of heat get past. Your design is a poor idea and will never meet code, no offense intended.

There's a lot of code giving the minimum requirements for masonry fireplaces. R1003.5 requires 2" of firebrick and 8" of solid masonry at the firebox walls or 10" of solid masonry alone, for instance. The smoke chamber must be 6" thick solid masonry. Etc..........................
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