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Building a fence on top of pavement

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I need to build a fence on top of a paved surface and I've gotton some conflicting advice as to how to proceed. I'm hoping someone out there can offer some solid advice for me.
Here's the full story. I live beside an ashphalt parking lot for a music store. I own 9 feet of this parking lot and I need to put up a fence to claim my 9 feet. A few of the music stores patrons have actually hit my house and my car and I'll be putting up this fence in the next month or two. Two options have been given to me as to how to build it. Option 1 is to take a hammer drill to the pavement and make small holes (roughly 1 ft diameter) into which I can dig holes for my 4x4 fence posts. The problem with this option is that the ground in my area is littered with slate. If I cut out these holes and then try to dig my holes, I could easily come across a 100pound chunk of rock just below the surface.
Option 2 which has been proposed is to not set the fence in with posts, but to secure it with brackets and have spikes hammered into the pavement. The problem with this option is that of course the fence wouldn't be as stable, and being on the atlantic coast, we can get hurricane force winds, and I'm not convinced that this would be strong enough to hold the fence.
Please offer me any advice you have. Thanks for your time.
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You will need to secure the posts into the ground to provide any real support. If you suspect and/or hit rock, you can then anchor 1/2" treaded rod into the slate about 18" deep, set with anchoring cement and use a post support to secure the post.
Years ago I had to put some cement filled metal parking barriers in asphalt//rented a diamond saw and augur and went to town//mostly clay here but did encounter some lrge rock//just hacked at it and used augur to move pieces to surface//only other way wld be to use anchors in brace and risk the wind or patrons hitting fencing//

good luck
... A few of the music stores patrons have actually hit my house and my car........
Those patrons are even more likely to hit and demolish any fence you put up.

My advice is to contact a Concrete Coring Contractor and have them bore a series of at least 4" holes along the property line and install pipe bollards as a barrier.
Those patrons are even more likely to hit and demolish any fence you put up.
Ayuh,... Find yourself a run of Concrete Hi-way Barriers...
You know the 1s used in construction zones on the interstates,..??

How many feet you talkin',..??
I triple the cement barrier route
If they hit your house, any fence you put up will be demolished
Did you just buy the house,How did 9ft of your land get paved by the music store in the first place,

I would cut the blacktop and try to dig a couple holes just to see what happens who knows may just get lucky and not hit anything...
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