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You need to get a permit.

1-The stem wall needs a foundation. The new end wall needs a foundation.

2-The stem wall is not thick enough. It is a 4" dirt retaining wall, not a one story foundation wall, with footing below the frost line.

3-You need anchors at wall/concrete.

4-Need a sill sealer.

5-Need pressure treated bottom plates at all concrete.

6-Studs are too close on center. (Not a structural violation as the rest.)

7-Need stair landing footings for posts.

8. The stair stringer looks to be 1-1/2" to 2" taller on the top riser than all the rest. It appears to need to drop some more to get the treads level, with storage underneath.

9- The house window near the stairs needs to be safety glass- is that the new one?

10- Are there any zoning issues so close to your property line?

If you have a permit, these changes are required.

I can show the codes for all these violations if needed. Be safe, G
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