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Building a deck - another project for later this summer (Question re: materials)

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An attorney friend of mine wants to add a deck to her house this summer. I've reviewed several articles on deck building & think I can help her with the plans & do the construction.

Based upon the severe weathering & maintenance required on my redwood deck (we live in Louisville with extremes in heat & cold, lots of rain/snow/ice & humidity...) I want to recommend she use some of the new composite materials for the decking itself - but I don't know anything about these materials, other than I like the look & presume there's little to no maintenance required.

Also, while I like the look of the composite decking, I don't like the look of composite railing (my brother-in-law had a composite deck built & the deck looks great, but the railing looks very cheap).

Can someone with experience with these composites recommend a good quality composite decking material, that's not cost-prohibitive?* One that would look good with either cedar or redwood railing?



*I realize this is a value judgment, but I'm sure some folks have found some composite decking that is a good value at a good price!
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Hi Scott,

I live in Michigan and supply building materials to builders and homeowners. I like many of the brands but here are some things to consider when looking at composites.

1. Most tend to scratch very easily (One that doesn't is Azek) I retail for about $3.00 per foot
2. Most tend to stain easily (Once again Azek doesn't) I have left motor oil on this and it doesn't stain.
3. Composite products can become quite hot to the touch in direct sun light. (No answer for this)

Another product I recommend is Timbertech

Good rule of thumb, stay away from the stuff in the big boxes (Lowes, Menards and Home Depot) more wood pulp than plastic)
Price range in todays market for good product $2.30 - $3.50 per foot

I couldn't find it online, but this months This Old House has a good article on composite decking comparisons.

Best Regards,
Rick Wedding
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You want to help an attorney with the deck?
If anything goes wrong she'll sue you :laughing:
Try the search box at the top of this page. Be safe, G
This deck was built with TimberTech railings and Correctdeck
composite decking. Both products are top of the line.

TimberTech RadianceRail for ease of installation and durabilty.

CorrectDeck CX because it simply will-not-mold...period! And you'll see no screws when your done. Great product for your type of fact any weather.

Good Luck! :wink:
Very attractive! I also like the included testimonial.
Do a Google search and some reading on composite decking before you make a selection. After my research, I decided to build my deck out of Ipe. After 3 years, I'm still VERY happy with it!
You might run into trouble getting a permit. My state requires a sealed print if the homeowner can't draw it, and if the homeowner hires someone to do the build, they have to be registered and insured. Check your area. Fines are steep in my state. With your friend being an attorney, she should be able to tell you. But a quick call to the town can sort it out.
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