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Hello all, brand new member here. Wish I had the sense to join and ask questions sooner.

Apologies all around, I'm not the best with search, please point me to the right post if this has been covered previously.

So I'm in the middle a WHOLE home remodel with bank deadlines and stress. This house is not a "flip," we are planning to start our family here. With my plumber ready to start rough-ins I found some issues with rotted floor joists and girder in the middle of the house. Single story with CMU perimeter wall and single CMU stacks down the middle, every 10'ft. I would like to build a CMU pier just like all the others under there, dividing the span in half(5 foot.) This is right where i need to be to cut the girder back to good wood and bring a point load from a ceiling LVL directly to ground.

The questions come in at the footing. I'm thinking I need maybe a 2'x2' at 6"deep? Living in Arkansas, and this is considered "additional structure" by the city dept, as the house passed code when built.

Ok, so I'm burying myself in work on this house, overbuilding everything because I don't know any better. This has made the inspector happy to see my work, but I need knowlege from you guys. I don't want to half *** this job in any way, but I'm tired of learning later that what I did was twice to much.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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