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build a floating vanity

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We have a GC who will be starting on my Grandpa's bathroom. My Grandpa is 90 and we while he is not in a wheelchair, we are looking to the future and are trying to make it fairly accessible. Instead of going with my idea of taking a regular vanity cabinet, taking out the floor and installing a pocket door system to move the doors if he is in a wheelchair, my mom wants to install a floating vanity similar to what is pictured.

I will be hanging out to keep an eye on what is done during construction as I know a bit more than my mom, however I know nothing about building and supporting a vanity. She is planning on having a nice stained piece of wood around the bottom (until she changes her mind) instead of the tile.

Can anyone give me an idea of what the process will be so I will have an idea of what the GC will be doing so I will know if he is doing something wrong?

I will also see if I can draw up the basic floor plan as well. The vanity will have a wall on the left and the toilet will be on the right.


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There are a dozen ways to do this incorrectly and a few to do it right.
Welding "L" brackets and bolting them to the studs will give you the support you need. You would incorporate the slab with the sink and bolt it to the metal.
The number of brackets and their size would be determined by the size of the vanity top and the potential projected downward force.
There are tons of correct ways to do it. General contractor typically won't do it incorrectly.
That's right, out of the box scenarios are rarely screwed up by contractors.
You want to quote Mike Holmes again?
You really do have a vendetta against me don't you?
A good 1/3 of my business is fixing previous contractors screw ups.
It has nothing to do with you, it has to do with almost 30 years experience in the remodeling business seeing crap done by idiots who supposedly are licensed contractors.
My point of reference isn't a TV show.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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