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I moved into my apartment in October. A couple of months ago, we began having a bug problem in the kitchen. I have called the apartment management twice and they have come and sprayed but it does not help. They said that many others were having the same problem and recommended pouring bleach down the drain. I don't know that that would help and have not tried it yet. I have tried a couple of sprays I have bought myself as well.

The bugs seem to be primarily coming through the kitchen drain. If I leave the drains open and come back at the end of the day, there are always several bugs on the counter and in drawers and cupboards. More than a few. Leaving any food or dirty dishes in the sink makes it MUCH worse.

Sealing the drains reduces the number of bugs, but there are still 3-5 in the morning and when returning from work. I really don't want to have to keep my drains blocked all the time.

It's a great apartment, but this sucks. Please help. Is there anything I can put down the drain to keep these things at bay? I'm just worried that it will get washed away quickly.
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