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Buckling hardwood planks

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Plain sawed lumber is more susceptible to cupping than quarter sawed lumber and to add to the problem it's common to only apply a finish to 1 side when unfinished raw flooring is used. With the quality of wood flooring we have today you may be real fortunate with only 2 being cupped. What i'd like to see for a solution is replace those two but that isn't always possible.

Are the problem planks located in an area that could possibly have a enhanced moisture issue?



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This particular area should be less susceptible to moisture than most areas of the house.

Could using a hair dryer on it work? I actually don't have any extra pieces of matching hardwood. not sure how easy it will be go find it either.
I seriously doubt a hair drier would be successful because; when we lay a piece of wood out on moist earth in the sun we often see it cup like the piece at 12 o'clock in the picture.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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