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Hi guys - I've had a recurring problem for months working on a particular wall that I can't seem to figure out.

In the fall, there was a section of the wall where the paint was falling off in a giant circle. I mudded over it with joint compound and gave it several days to dry, but then when I put 123 on it, it bubbled up like in the first photo.

I thought we were dealing with a leak or moisture since there are pipes behind the wall, but we cut a bunch of holes in the wall, and it was dry as a bone. Might have been some moisture in the past, but dry then.

The holes were fixed with hot mud and have been left for a while. Fast forward to now. I'm doing finishing to get it ready to paint with a fine sanding screen and a little joint compound. A couple areas were sanding unevenly—flaking off the outer layer—and re-application of joint compound is giving me more bubbles. See the second photo. I've tried removing it and reapplying, and the little bubbles keep coming back in exactly the same place.

Any idea what's going on? And, more important, what I can do about it?


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The underlying paint is not bonded to the drywall---

Who knows why---the cure is to scrape as much loose paint as possible--then prime with your 123--or Gardz --before adding a fresh coat of drywall mud.

Green lid -Multi purpose bonds better than powdered easy sand--and might be worth the expense--
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