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EDIT: should say "unwired" in the title, sorry.

I have been digging a hole with the installation of a new thermostat that benefits from 24v power. I had the blue 24v wire connected to an old thermostat from the previous homeowner, but I realized on the new thermostat install that the blue 24v wire was never connected to the C terminal on my furnace. I connected it, but still get the problem as below.

My setup is a furnace (gas) and an AC unit, and a 5-wire thermostat. The AC condenser was wired to the furnace board C terminal and Y terminal as standard, coupled with the (now completely installed) 5 wires from my thermostat.

Everything should be fine now, but every time I replace my door (or hold the door-close switch) the 2/4 blink = code 24 = 24v short code blinks and nothing happens. This is after power cycling my Bryant plus 90 several times and also cycling the AC and thermostat and so on. I even removed all 5 thermostat wires and the 2 condenser wires from the Bryant control board and turned it on and it still gives me this code 24 error, so i don't have a short in the wires themselves. I can't find any way to "reset" this with switches or anything on the board or by reading the manual.

Is there something simple that I'm missing here? This is driving me nuts! I googled in general and searched this board and read the manual thoroughly but I'm still stuck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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