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Bryant Model 986T

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Can anyone give me a rough price on what this furnace costs? I cannot find anything anywhere online. I do not want anyone coming to my house to try to sell me the furnace and the job. I am just trying to figure out how much I need to save to buy the unit.

Or is it impossible to buy a quality furnace without getting quoted on the unit, installation, service, duct cleaning, duct modification, and whatever else is bundled into the price?

For what its worth for anyone that might ask what I currently have:

Bryant 383KAV042091
Input 88,000 BTU
Output 71,000 BTU

I want to get rid of the chimney running through the master bed to make it useable space.


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hvac benny said:
Nobody does. If you're DIYing this, your options are limited as far as brands. You'll need to do your homework. Find out what brands you can get, then research those to see what is best for you. Proper installation is key, so you'll need to know that you're installing it properly. There's more to it than just connecting the ducts, gas and electric. You could have the best furnace on the market, but if the install is subpar, you will have problems.
Yes that's why the big brands ( Trane, Carrier, and Lennox) require you to be a contractor and take one of there special two hour classes just to get a hold of their top of the line products. They don't want a bad install to tarnish there name
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