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Bryant Furnace pilot not lighting

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I'm new here and not sure if I posted in the right forum. goes.

Bryant model BW2AAN000105ABAA another number I saw was PWB-4D. It's a gas hot water furnace.

The pump will circulate the water in the system, but the pilot light won't light thus no heat will be produced by the furnace. I thought it might be the auto pilot ignition box so I replaced that, but that didn't work. I was reading on the info. hanging on the wires of the furnace about it having a fuse that can blow when the flame in furnace gets blowed hard on. (had a huge wind storm here a couple weeks ago knocking down tree's all over the place and that seems to be around the time the furnace wasn't making heat. I just thought that it was warmer that it wasn't kicking on). Possibly a gust of wind came down causing the flame to get blown in such a way as a safety the fuse blew like it was designed to do.

What does this fuse look like and where is it located. I found a little device that is whitish/ivory looking (inside the little door you take off to see the burners) with 2 wires attaching to the top and what looks like a capacitor or resistor going across the bottom of where the two top wires attach to.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the links :).
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