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The blower in my Bryant furnace is intermittently very VERY slow spooling up. And by slow, its so slow that you can tell the blower is not turning and I am waiting for a breaker to kick or a fire to start.

The furnace was built 40th week of 95. How long are Bryant's good for typically?

Is there anything I can check or test that would relate to the slow spool up?

Also, what is the cost of a typical furnace (80k btu) and installation?

Thanks for any help


Bryant 1995
Model #383KAV042091

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the motor capacitor may be weak, should have a rating like 5 mfd 370 vac on it. if not then the motor may be dying. need to check if it is getting 120 volts from the board. board may be bad but that is rare. capacitor is less than $20 at Graingers or Johnstones or motor shop so you may want to try it. to test it you need a multitester that does capacitance and most don't. furnace should last at least 20 yrs.
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