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Bryant 90 plus furnace trouble

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My furance seems to producing enough heat and warming the house well. I noticed about 3 days ago it sounded like it was pulsating. The vents sounded clear. I almost could feel it in the floor. Went downstairs no trouble codes. Also pulsating was barely noticable in the basement. Once the heat was off i turned on the fan to see if it would still pulsate. Nothing. Any suggestions??
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Fan wheel is coming apart from the hub. Check the play of the wheel from the hub. Be careful it can get worst if you play with it too much.
Very common for older 90's to start cracking where inducer wheel is molded to metal hub, which attaches to inducer motor.Usually wheel just needs replacing, but due to age , the hub is rusted to motor shaft, so you end up replacing motor also.I've gotten to a point where I quote motor and wheel every time ,and if I get lucky and wheel comes off, clients bill is cheaper.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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