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It's 22 deg. right now and my home is at 65 deg. (night setting) My heat pump is putting out 83 deg. air. Is this what I should expect? Although I've had a heat pump for 7 years I've never really paid attention to what heat it produces....that is until I got a new laser thermometer as a gift this Christmas. I know know the surface temperature of just about everything I own.............:laughing: I know the cooling differential can be anywhere from 14 to 20 degrees (return to supply air) and I'm guessing that during the heating season this would be the same. Am I on track with this? By the way, the house stays comfortable, but during this last summer when it stayed over 100, and a few times 110 deg. it had a difficult time keeping it at 73 deg.
Any other heat pump owners with some advice or comments?
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20 degrees +/- at 22 outdoor temp is about right.
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