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Broken stringer

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Is this fixable? I probably had 3 nails left to secure the stringers and crack, the stringer broke.


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A repair is simple! Glue it with white glue and toe screw it together with wood-screws! Next time, drill your nail holes with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the nail.
My father used to cut the head off a nail, and used it to drill the pilot hole also!
Wow really, I was expecting to hear "nope, you gotta tear it out and do it again.I'll give it a shot.
Wildie's right on.

And if you want to make it extra sturdy, sister a 2x6x11" along side it and screw it to the stringer. (Pre-drill holes for screws) so as to not split the patched piece and you should be good to go!:thumbsup:
Should be no problem gluing and screw it. The part of the stringer that holds up the stairs is still there. The only function of that piece that broke off is to hold the bottom tread.
Seems like it worked perfectly. I'm going to sister a square of plywood to it too to give that tread some stomping power.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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