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broken concrete cause of basement leaking?

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I'm trying to help my dad out with a problem. All walls of their basement are getting water coming in. A company came out and did a trench drain deal inside along 2 walls. It cost about $3k and would be another 7K to do all walls. (they only did 2 cuz that's all they could afford) My concern is he has a large chunk of his driveway that cracked and is pointing downward by several inches, maybe even about a foot right up against the foundation. Out of the 2 companies he's consulted no one mentioned that it was an issue in the basement leaking. I'm trying to convince him it probably is a huge issue, am I wrong? Just want to say the house is 8 years old, graded perfect from what I can tell, gutters don't leak, has a sump and supposedly was tiled below the footings during construction. The very close neighbors haven't had any issues. He does have a hairline crack in the floor. I know this is really a hard one to speculate on but thanks for any opinions!
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That is what I have always read. But since the companies that came over to "inspect" never said anything about it, my Dad assumes it's not an issue. The chunk of sloping concrete is roughly 16-18 sq. feet.
Annie, get your guns.... If any water ever hits that slab, then obviously you have an issue. Period.
LOL! I talked to him last night. Told him what you all said. He agrees totally and plans to fix the broken concrete before anything else. He's thinking "no" on the additional $7K worth of indoor trenching so will see what happens. Thanks!
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