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I have a broken closet flange where the bolts attach the ABS flange to the bowl.

The flange is a offset flange connecting to ABS pipe.

I am replacing the toilet with a 1.6GPF toilet.

I am replacing the floor with new tile so will need to extend the height of the existing closet flange.

What are peoples thoughts on using a flange extender to get me to correct height? In addition once i use the flange extender it would negate the use of the broken flange where the bolts attach.

Lastly, i was planning on using either a fernco waxless seal or a wax seal with the horn on.


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These work good for replacing the broken flange.
Just need to remove the old broken ring, when you are ready for tile and lay your hardibacker down. Just insert the new flange and screw it to the floor. Then tile up to it.
Will need to be sure pipe below is properly supported and not going to fall down when removing existing flange of course.

No input on the gasket, I just use a wax gasket with the rubber sleeve.
Never had a issue with them, is same my plumber uses .... could be better products available, just never had problem with old product.


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I prefer steel repair flanges---the pvc flange extender work but have the same materials that lead to the failure you have now----

If you are adding a lot of height the extender might be your best choice---

As to the wax rings---I've only used wax--most with the horn---never felt like experimenting with anything else----Mikee----
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