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Broken Cartridge Stem

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Hi all.....a customer of mine broke the stem off of her cartridge. It's a Moen single handle shower cartridge. Any ideas on how to get that sucker out so we can replace the cartridge?

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Hi Gentlemen:

Thanks both for the replies..I think I'll try needlenose vise grips and if that doesn't work, out comes the drill and tap.

I don't think a plastic thingy will get that cartridge out...I pulled the clip, then tried prying/twisting etc, even with water pressure on (oy!).

Darn thing wouldn't budge.:censored:

I guess getting this one solved will make me just that much
Thanks all for your suggestions and replies. I ended drilling as much as the body as possible, until I could pull out the broken stem/valve itself. Once I got the valve and the two rubber gaskets (?) where the hot and cold enter, I was able to get the rest of the cartridge out fairly easy.

Sheesh...what a pain...

Anyway, it can be done, but as Mike said, BE VERY VERY careful you don't mar the brass valve body where the cartridge is mounted. It is soft and easily gouged or scratched.

Alls well that ends well.

Thanks again.
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