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Broken 120V Outlets

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Hi, I have two outlets on one circuit that stopped working recently. I measured the voltage and I get: 80 V between hot and neutral, 25 V between neutral and ground, 120 V between hot and ground. The ground is just a wire to the box as there are only two wires elsewhere on the circuit. The other lights and outlets are at 120 V between hot and neutral. These outlets were working a few months ago and I don't think I've made any modifications that would affect this. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks,

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Sounds like the neutral came loose or broke somewhere. If you know which order the outlets are in on the circuit, check the first one that isn't working, and the one that's still working immediately upstream from it. Or just start opening boxes and checking connections.

If the outlets were wired with the backstab holes, it's likely that one of the connections has come loose. Re-connect them with the wires wrapped around the screw terminals, and it'll make a better and more reliable connection.
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