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Broke Down

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With all the negative views of Goodman HVAC products, I spray painted over the nameplate. I feel as though a burden has been lifted. Personally. I have not had any problems with my heat pump going on 4 plus years. Anyone know where I can purchase an Amana sticker to replace that goofy looking Goodman nameplate? Kind of like when Chong had the Mercedes Benz grille prominently displayed on his VW Bug in the "Up in Smoke" movie.
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14 years on mine, it's a been a good unit. Put a fan motor, contactor, and capacitor in it about 5 years ago, that's about it. It's had a hard life here in Kansas. Performance seems to be slipping though this year and the tax credit has me looking at new ones. I would definitely get another Goodman, name plate and all.
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