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Broke Down

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With all the negative views of Goodman HVAC products, I spray painted over the nameplate. I feel as though a burden has been lifted. Personally. I have not had any problems with my heat pump going on 4 plus years. Anyone know where I can purchase an Amana sticker to replace that goofy looking Goodman nameplate? Kind of like when Chong had the Mercedes Benz grille prominently displayed on his VW Bug in the "Up in Smoke" movie.
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Those boys are back together and touring. Tommy Chong is Canadian (BC Bud rocks) and has some fine lookin daughters. Now we know how old you are. LOL:yes:
Yeah, those partying days are in the past. lol.
I am quite happy with the performance of the heat pump. I just did not like seeing that nameplate knowing the stigma attached to it. The condenser actually looks better without it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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