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Briggs Generator Set-up

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I recently purchased a B&S PRO 10000g to replace my trusty TroyBilt.
How do I make this generator work as a back-up for my home? This is from the instruction manual: "This generator incorporates GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)outlet protection and has its neutral bonded to ground to comply to OSHA inspections on job sites. This generator will not function when connected to a 2 pole transfer switch since the home or building main breaker box also has a neutral bonded to ground. When both the generator and the home or building breaker box contains a neutral bonded to ground, the generators GFCI will open and no outlets will function." Why would anyone make a generator that had to be modified to make it work as a home back-up?
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They are telling you not to use a 2pole transfer switch. They want you to use a 3pole transfer switch. A 3pole switch will isolate the house neutral ground bond, if wired properly.

The reason behind it is safety. If you have 2 neutral ground bonds in the system and something goes wrong with the neutral, the ground will carry the neutral current. This would energize the generator frame.

It serves the same purpose as the never do a neutral bond ground in a subpanel rule.
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