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Hi all;

My house was built in 1986 and features brick window sills (bricks on edge). Being in southern Canada we get lots of freezing and thawing; so as you may expect the sills have started to crumble. Having just replaced my windows I'm looking to replace the sills. I have purchased precast concrete window sills (in 32" length) which I plan on cutting to fit. I am going to start the replacement and would appreciate any tips. To get it done I was going to do the following:

1) Remove old window sill bricks and mortar below (Done)
2) I have poly sheet running from below the window which I will setup to go under the new sill;
3) Cut sills to length;
4) Build a a support structure to support the brick once its in place (so it doesn't droop before the concrete sets), each 32" sill piece weighs ~55lbs
5) Put some dowels down where I want the drip holes to be in the mortar (not sure if this is the best way or if its needed)
6) Lay a layer of mortar (on top of poly which comes from the window frames); put new sills in place
7) Support the sill so it doesn't sag
8) clean up mortar joints
9) Caulk joints between sill pieces with good grey caulking (something like OSI Quad)

Anything I'm missing? Will I need to support the sills?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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