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Breathing a sigh of relief...

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Since both my wife and I haven't been feeling all that well and with all the travel, we haven't ventured out to use our hot tub in quite a while.

I asked my wife to go out and see if we needed to add some water to the tub and to add some shock to it. She came back in a hurry and said that we not only needed to add some water, but that we needed to add some heat as the water was darn cold.

I went out and looked at it and yes, there was no power showing, no lights. I checked the breaker at the sub-panel. It hadn't tripped. So, I quick ran inside and looked at the main breaker. And yes, it was off.

Not tripped, turned off. I was doing some work on the main panel, rearranging some breakers to make room so that another double pole would work. And I must have forgotten to turn it back on.

The power must have been off for several days.

We feared the worst but had high hopes. I flipped the breaker back on and went and checked. The power came back on the little hot tub. The pump seemed to want to work but.... it made some noises and then nothing.

This was last night.

So, this morning, I put on my sweatshirt, warm boots, and stumbled out to the hut tub in 14 below weather. I opened the cover to the hut tub, expecting ice floes but, to my wondering eyes should appear?

Steam started rising!!! As soon as I opened the cover. And, the water temp registered 102*!!!

And both pump speeds worked!!

The water level was the same this morning as last night so nothing seemed to have burst as well.

I guess tonight, we will be trying out the hot tub. With a cigar and port for me.

I guess the moral of the story is: If you have a hot tub, always check the water regularly. In case you do electrical work and turn the breaker off and forget to turn it back on. Especially in sub-zero weather.

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Yes, we had to check ours almost daily. Water level, check the PH and bromine levels, etc. We haven't bothered to run it the past few years. But it was nice on those really cold nights!
Perhaps a light on that circuit that you can see from the house???
We can see the control panel. Normally, I am pretty observant and the last time, I caught it right away. But this time, we had some other things going on. And of course, that requires us to pay attention.

Of course, I could blame it on being sick. And being in the hospital. And the flu... But, I can only milk that for so long.... Although I am still not 100% yet.
At least you're Breathing a sigh of relief.

Why is your hot tub far from the house?

Cold hot tubs can be fun, but I guess not in Colorado.:wink2:
Very true, very true.

We have it in the back corner for privacy reasons. And to block out a big light that was shining into our back yard. From the High School. That I threatened to shoot out. But my wife wouldn't let me.
Now invite some friends over for a group soak.
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