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Breaker panel

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I have a 200 amp panel that is pretty crowded. I just ran 3 12/2 lines to the box. One is for a series of 110 outlets and 2 will be dedicated 220 outlets. All of the current wiring comes through the top of the panel. Should I try to squeeze the new wires in the top and run them down to the open slots or just come in through a knock out in the side of the panel?

How many wires can go through each knock out? Should I use the plastic piece in the knockout or the traditional metal clamp?

I would like to keep the box clean and professional

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Using either the top or side or bottom knockouts are acceptable.

Most cable clamps are only listed for 2 flat or 1 round cable. They can be plastic or metal and must be used. The cable sheath needs to extend at least 1/4" into the box.

BTW it is 120 and 240 volts.
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Thanks for the info.

That still confuses me as I have some tools that reference 220v and the outlets I just purchased are labeled 125 and 250v. I alway seem to see a few different numbers used.
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