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Breaker assistance needed

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Hey gang,

I am in the process of wiring in my spa and am having trouble finding a 60A breaker for my main panel.

The breaker type as shown on the existing breakers in the GE panel are THQP. The problem I am having it that it appears that the THQP breakers only go up to 50A. See this link:

Are there other breakers types that can be put in my panel such as the THQL breakers that come in higher amp loads or am I bound to the single type?

If I am bound to the THQP type breakers what other options do I have short of installing new subpanel? I assume I could put in a 50A breaker and see if it trips.

The planned setup was to put a new 60A breaker in my panel routing to a 60A GFCI breaker that is located near the spa. I am using #6 wire.

As always, thanks for the help.. :thumbup:
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The sticker on the inside cover of your panel should have a list of compatible breaker models from GE.

That being said, I think that any THQ* breakers are going to be listed for your panel. THQP are slimline (1/2") and THQL are 1", so a THQL double pole breaker is going to take as much space as 4 single pole THQP breakers -- your limitation may be panel space.

If you don't have the info on the inside cover, can you post the model # of your panel?
The panel should have the types of breakers it will accept listed on the panel cover. Having said that, a panel that takes a THQP should accept a THQL as well.
So instead of placing the panel cover on the top of my head while I look into the panel I should have looked up at the sticker on the inside of the cover.. duh! I'll check the label when I get home tonight..

If I have to go to a THQL I may not have enough contiguous panel space :(.. Maybe I can move something..
Put a 60 AMP 2 pole breaker in the main house panel,. and put a GFCI - Disconnect 5'-15'
line of site of the spa. Can pick up a spa disc at lowes or Electrical supply :thumbsup:
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The GE THQPs (minis) only go up to 50 amps, not 60. A THQL certainly will fit, but it'll take up more room.

I suppose it's possible, but I've yet to see a residential spa that needed more than a 50 amp circuit. I've also never seen a 60 amp GFI that would accept a neutral connection, only two-wire 240 volt.

I guess the obvious question here is does it actually need a 60 amp circuit? If so, does it need a neutral?

Thanks for the tip on the label inside the panel door.. It lists the breaker types and as mentioned it will take the THQL breaker mentioned.. Only problem is the THQL is it is 4 slots wide and I only got 3 unless I move some around.. So, if I can get by with a 50A breaker it might be worth trying..

The Power Requirements in the spa manual it states it's 60A with an Amp Load of 48. So perhaps the 50A breaker would be ok?

Here is a link to the 60A GFCI Spa Disconnect I purchased at Home Depot for under 100 bucks.. You will notice this is set up with GFCI and neutral
I was quoted $850 to buy materials, run conduit, pull wire, and connect.. I love learning to do this crud myself and thank everyone who takes the time to answer my questions. I should be able to do all the electrical for under $350 which is much easier to swallow than $850. I hope to have this thing all wired up and running this weekend. :thumbup:

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If the spa manual say to use a 60, then use a 60. Easiest thing would be to put in a subpanel. Get a 100 A breaker for the main panel to feed it, and have the spa circuit and a few circuits moved from the main in the subpanel.

Sooner or later, you will probably want or need to add another circuit, so you might as well do it now instead of later.
If the spa manual say to use a 60, then use a 60.
:thumbup: Absolutely.

If you have a decent amount of noncontiguous breaker spaces, I'd say just move some stuff around instead of going the sub-panel route.

If you're really close to getting tapped out (pun intended), agreed a sub is a good way to go as long as you're doing the other work; not that expensive either.
... Just looked @ your spa disconnect; I see there's a 15A convenience breaker there. You might want to upgrade your feeder so you can make full use of it. (Not a requirement, AFAIK.. suggestion only :whistling2:).
ok.. here is the dealio.. I did not have enough space for the THQL 2" breaker.. I did find an unused breaker for the laundry dryer which we do not use because our dryer is 110v.. I disconnected that breaker and caped off and labeled the wires.. I put the spa breaker in that location. At some point I will need to add a subpanel but I am not ready to do it now.. I just want to sit in my spa for :censored: sake!!! LOL..

When I upgrade the electricial in my garage/shop I will add a subpanel and all that good stuff..

So, tomorrow I need to finish up the fittng of the conduit and start pulling wire.. Should go pretty quick.. :no:
Spa is up and running and I did not catch fire so we are all good!! Thanks for everyones help. :thumbsup:
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