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I used to install plumbing way back and plumbed a lot of NG homes. I am going to be plumbing a new building soon and curious if there are new innovations or methods to discuss or consider? I am familiar with LP as far as its properties vapor pressure, etc. Mostly looking to discuss pipe, fittings, valves, etc, that might not be "required", but are smart to add.

I recall being a bit blown away with the riser costs! CTS poly pipe is a great thing IMO, but those risers are pricey!

I see a lot of guys just using copper for the first stage and such. Is that reasonable indoors? I cannot imagine that meeting code but if poly does, then....:vs_whistle:

I will be plumbing the structure for basic appliances and a separate service for a ;large propane generator. I always like to plan ahead though.

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I plumb for LP the same as NG- old school black iron) The exterior line is ran by the LP supplier around here because it's before the regulator. So the poly and tracer is on them.

Big advances have been made in CSST tubing. Google that and read the manufacturers websites. It may be what you want...
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