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Brand new Carrier Infinity 16 Heat Pump Stopped Working I think

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We had a new heat pump and furnace installed 2 months ago. Today (in the middle of a mini heat wave) the heat pump appears to have stopped working. The temperature inside had been steadily climbing to 80 degrees.

On the Carrier Infinity Control unit, we have "Cool" turned on and the Fan on High, but the status shows the following -
Mode: Cool
AC: Off
Fan: On

The LED light on the Control unit indicates that the system is cooling and the furnace is blowing air through, however the fan on the heat pump is not on and the air coming through is not cool.

THe circuit breaker switch is on and the heat pump outdoor disconnect switch is on. We've tried turning both off for 30 seconds, then on again.

We've called Carrier and the company we went through, Carrier is off for the holiday and the company we purchased through put us 'on the list' for a technician.

(UPDATE since I've started typing this!)
Actually, after leaving it off for a while, it is now working again and the AC status says "High Stage". Is it possible that it overheated? The outside temp has been over 90 the past couple days and is now in the low 80s. I'm concerned about the possibility of it overheating when we really need it!

Thanks for any information or advice!
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The controller will have the error codes stored for the tech to see what it locked ouot on.
It shouldn't "overheat" just because its in the 90s.
Thanks for the reply, beenthere. The tech came out yesterday and did see some error code that implied it shut itself off because it was overcharged...

He said something (I can't remember what) had been super charged, so when it got really hot out and we were using it more, it overcharged and a fail safe thing made it shut itself off. When they were fixing it, they couldn't test it very easily because it wasn't hot again, so we're supposed to wait till another hot day and see how it works. If it shuts itself off again, call them right away. :/ Here's hoping...
They shuld have had no problem correcting the charge.
If they know how to charge a system properly.
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