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Just bought a house and I have a front room that is currently a somewhat strange blue color (think UNC Tarheels). It has a very large, flat wall leading up to the vaulted ceilings, and the room is not overly big in square footage to compensate for the very high wall and ceilings. There is also a column in the middle to think about.

Here's a video link and a few comments. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the main room and dining room, just inside the front door at the beginning of the video.

1) The blue paint - huge contrast to other paints in the area. It's new paint but we're not sure we really want that color going on, especially with the huge flat space up high on the wall.

2) The huge wall face about 7 feet off the ground, running 15+ feet up to the ceiling, is very interesting. It definitely doesn't look too great "bare." We've thought about an art piece or two, maybe with spotlights coming down to shine there (although it may not have electrical way up there?). We've thought about some sort of design starting at the column and growing, such as a vine-like effect twisting around the column and spreading out into the big open wall faces. We've thought about using trim somehow, or having some sort of light shining on the wall to create effects without actually affixing something there. We've thought about some sort of mirror usage, maybe creating faux windows.

3) The column is not really unsightly but does create a challenge. One idea could be to have some sort of decor or trim on the column, and creating that same matching effect on the other side of the dining room opening (by the far wall, with the large window beside the kitchen entry).

4) The opening to enter the dining room from the front room is tough. The support beam that goes horizontally is pretty low, even though the ceiling in the dining room comes back up a bit, after you enter. And you can't really "remove" that beam. Makes a tough obstacle between the huge ceiling in the great room vs. medium ceiling in the dining room.

5) We don't really need a TV in the entry room so i'm all ears with how to furnish it. TV will be in that family room further back.

Thanks everyone for the huge help!!:thumbup:
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