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Box size calculation question

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I currently have a hard wires smoke alarm box, right now two 14/3 wires enter the box. I'd like to add another hard wire smoke alarm and interconnect it, so I'd be adding another 14/3 wire. Is my following calculation correct?

3 x 3 x 2 cubic inches for conducts entering the box
+ 3 x 2 cubic inches for the three conducts that are being spliced (or do I need to count 9 here?)
+ 2 cubic inches for the device (nothing for the alarm's pigtails)
= 26 cubic inches minimum

Is this correct or am I overlooking something?
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Wiring devices on a mounting strap, such as is common with wall switches and receptacles count as 2 conductors. Otherwise, fixtures and such do not require any deduction.
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