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Because of wall depth issues, I need to use gangable metal box to create a "shallow" 3-gang old work box. I am hoping someone can verify a couple things related to box fill for the gangable boxes...

1. Each gang has 2 internal NM cable clamps on them. My interpretation is that when they are ganged together as 1 3-gang box, all 6 internal clamps count as a single conductor. Correct?
2. Total volume is simply 3 times the volume of a single box.

Therefore, the below should be correct assuming the above statements are accurate:

3x2x2.75" gangable box has a 14 cu in capacity based on 314.16a, so total capacity is 42 cu in of 3 ganged together.

I have 3 14/2 NM wires and 3 12/2 NM wires entering the box. Each gang has 2 internal NM cable clamps on them, and I will have 1 switch connecting with 14/2 and 2 switches connecting with 12/2.

For box fill I am looking at:

6 14 conductors
6 12 conductors
1 12 conductor for all cable clamps
1 12 conductors for all grounds
2 14 conductors for 1 switch
4 12 conductors for 2 switches

Therefore in total, I have the equivalent of:

12 12 conductors or 27 cu in
8 14 conductors or 16 cu in

and I come up 1 cu in short of being able to use this box within code.

However, if I remove all of the internal cable clamps and use external NM connectors in the knockouts, I need 40.75 cu in and I am good to go.

Is this accurate?

I was kind of hoping that somewhere in the code it allowed some extra allowance for fill when the boxes were ganged together to pick up that 1 lousy cu in I needed.

any feedback would be appreciated.

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I should have mentioned that I ask this question because when I fairly accurately measure the inside of the box fully assembled, I get dimensions of 5.4375 (5 7/16) x 2.8785 (2 7/8) x 2.75 which calculates out to 43 cu in.

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The conductor factor is based on the largest wire size. Use 2.25 times 20 = 45 cu in.

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The ground is based on the largest in the box as well as the clamp allowance. The device count is based on the conductor size attached to the device.
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