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Funny, I always assumed daisy chaining 14-2 between standard metal gem boxes, 12.5 cu in, was OK. I knew it wasn't good for 12-2, I didn't think much about it. But now I realize I wasn't calculating correctly and including the ground as 1. So gnd w two 14-2's (4) and a receptacle (2) is 7 and a no-go even if I use an external connector and not a clamp!

So WTF are these boxes good for if you can't daisy chain 14-2??? Why do they even have double clamps???

I've been using the Steel City ones with flip out wide clamps for old work in crappy plaster walls where plastic old work boxes don't hold properly. Some of these ancient walls are built with dimensional 2x3 laid flat, so the 2.5" box barely fits over the lath & plaster. The only option I see is a 4x4x1.5 box with a stud ear and patching the plaster hole over the stud and a mud ring.

What am I missing?
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