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Bowed Engineered Flooring Planks

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I just purchased 1500 square feet of 7 1/2" wide X 6' Long American Cherry Engineered flooring planks. They have a 1/2" substrate made of several layers and a finished layer made up of 1/4" (american cherry). I opened up the first two cartons and every panel was bowed the long way. On average approximately 1/2" from the end of the panel to the floor. The system is a tongue and groove. The manufacturer claims that this is not an issue?????????? Is this acceptable? Even if it is at a bear minimum the installation has become a lot harder. They claim that the longer the board the more common this is?????? Can someone knowledgable please let me know. I really appreciate your help.
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the flooring didnt come from LL did it?
I have read a lot of complaints about them not taking back defective material.
i ordered about 700 sq feet of 3/4 inch hardwood and very few had even a slight bow in them.
the manufacturer says it is common, maybe with their product it is but not with everyone elses product.
if i could id return the whole lot and buy from somewhere else.
the manufacturer is making excuses for an inferior product.
most people dont glue down the engineered floor unless installing over concrete
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