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So we have our closing for Tuesday. The house is a 5br colonial that needs to be completely gutted and renovated. We will be living in our current home for a few months while we start the reno. This will be our "forever" home hopefully. Overview of things that need to be done.

1. Demo and all new sheetrock, paint moulsing etc.
2. new kitchen and bathrooms.
3. new windows.
4. new floorings( whether we sand wood floor or carpet idk.)
5. new windows and siding.
6. new roof.
7. not sure the condition of hvac, plumbing or electrical. It all works but just not sure if upgrading is needed. I work in electrical field so I can do that. Also we may upgrade to central air. Right now it's only baseboard( hot water) heating.
8. new fencing
9. new driveway

That's it in summary. Any advice on best approach to this or tips would be greatly appreciated. Me and my buddies will be able to DIY a lot of this potentially. Thanks again.
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