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Bostitch N59FN finish nailer depth adjustment stuck

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I just got a new-to-me used Bostitch finish nailer. I turned the depth knob too far, apparently, because the nailer stopped firing and I cannot move the adjustment knob. Even prying with a screwdriver does nothing. I have been holding down the safety catch that blocks the knob from turning.

Is disassembly the best option to free the knob? Or should I use brute force like a vise grip or channel lock plier?
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It's just a thumbwheel on a shank, so maybe a little PB Blaster on it and a little nudge with a pair of needle nose pliers may help. Don't over do the mechanical nudging.
An additional question about the same nailer. It occasionally fires short, leaving a nail head sticking out of the workpiece by 1/16" or so. The next nail or few drive well. I also hear a slight air leak out the exhaust cap whenever air is connected. Very slight. I understand any steady air leak should be fixed. I took the cylinder and piston apart for cleaning. Nothing looked wrong except grease and grit outside the cylinder. After cleaning and oiling it still leaks air.

Can the trigger valve cause this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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