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bosch aquastar gwh 1600 LP

In service for about a 5 years. I've replaced the plastic/wire filter 2x.
Have yet to replace the diaphragm -- but its on hand.

Unit has generally been fine. Comfortable water temps.
Winter's are tougher because the degree rise is tougher hill due to the cold(er) supply (NE USA).

But the symptoms in the last few weeks are baffling.

House water is muni with a pressure pump&tank (supply from street is in the 20-30 psi range). Tank is min @ 40, max (I think) is 60.

Flip on the shower. wait for hot water (its about 14 feet (down 4, along 6, up 4 to the (also 5 year old) shower regulator.

water gets hot. no discernible change in pressure. I'm fast in the shower -- usually in and out in 2 minutes tops. During that time though the gas turns off. water goes cold. Sometimes I'll hear the whumpf of a 2nd ignition -- and I know I'm going to experience a cold break in 10-15 seconds.

Sometimes when I start the shower -- the ignition won't happen: water flows, the pilot tick,tick,ticks -- but the gas never ignites.

Can any one shed any light on the loss/lack of (continued) combustion?

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