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Boost kits....

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Yeah, me again...I'll be here for a while! If hard start kits are so benificial to the system, why are they not installed from the factory??Or is there already units out there with a comparitive...??
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some are installed by the factory. Scroll compressors typically dont need them where as recip compressors needed them when a txv was in the circuit.
What's the diff between scroll and recip. compressor??
Thanx for the help...
Scroll compressor on left, recip on right.


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They cost quite a few dollaros $$ so they don't put them on anymore but have them as a add on option. If the unit is to be used in low ambient temp conditions around 50 deg F (usually in a commercial app) then the oil is thicker and one may be required.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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