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Bonus room above garage

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Hello I have a bonus room connected to my bedroom that is above the garage. It has electric but no insulation so it gets hot like an attic in the summer and cold in winter. I’m just looking for some ideas preferably cheap in easy to make it into a nice little man cave. I would hate to just use such a nice size room for just storage. I will try to include some pics. Thanks.

P.s. I’m a little handy but I don’t want to mess with electric
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Venting with min 1.5" baffles from the eave or soffits and installing gable venting fan above that window. Then fill the rafter bays with fiberglass insulation. If there's enough head room, first cover with 1.5 or 2" xps boards then drywall. You will need ac anyway but probably a small one. Then heat in winter with propane heater. Propane heaters must have a fresh air intake. If mine, I'd have a smoke and co2 alarms too. Floor will need insualtion. Stuffing more insulation doesn't work. Example, stuffing r19 into 2x4 wall reduces the insulation into r13. It was discussed in the forum. You can put more into the wall but must seal all air passages and exposed insulation to air. Example, you can put thick fiberglass batts on that wall but if air is swishing around in that area, r value will decrease. You can leave that area windy but then you must encase the insulation.
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