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Bonjour, Fellow DIYers!

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Just saying "Hello!"

My name is Em and I found this site while researching challenging situations for, very narrow spaces between doorways and corners. I also just learned that it's pronounced wain "scotting" not "scoating" (as I have been calling it for the last 30 or so years). SO the day has already been productive and now I deserve a nap.

Grateful to all the helpers who are here to answer myriad questions!


~You can always cover your mistakes with fairy lights.
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Hi Em and welcome to the forum.
Post a new thread under best match forum for better exposure. Pictures always help us understand what you are looking at.

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Ah, welcome @dustanddoghair! Mine could be Dirt&CatHair . . .

And, a gold star for putting your location in your signature. I'm in California now, but used to be almost a neighbor in Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland.

Are you old enough to remember the big storms of 1977 - 1979?
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Yes, indeed! "Blizzard of '77"
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Welcome Em
FWIW, I call it wainscOting (coAting) also...and probably wont stop.

The single "t" (as opposed to makes the o (what we were taught to call) a long O sound...Ohhhh. :)

Anyhow, welcome aboard.
Yes, indeed! "Blizzard of '77"
Looks like you all are getting nailed nailed again.
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