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"Bonding Wire"(?) disconnected from frame under mobile home?

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There's a bare copper wire dropping down from the service panel I believe -- couldn't see it exactly, but see now reason for the same to be going any where else. This wire was parallel and close to the big gray pvc(?) conduit housing the wires coming in from the pole.

So I google briefly for "mobile home grounding" and learn grounding for the home could be done at the meter pedestal (power pedestal?... a grouping of several home's meters and disconnects below the meters) outside the home, and the wire I saw could be a "bonding" wire.
Where does this bonding wire connect in the panel, and and is it potentially dangerous for equipment and occupants without it connected to the frame under the home?

Gone googling again right now, thx for any help!
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could be a "bonding" wire.
To be correct this wire is not "The bonding wire"
Electricians have to be quite specific
And have specific terms for specific things
This wire is your EARTH (or should be).
The "Bond" is inside your main panel.
it is where your neutral and ground connect together.

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