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bonding agent for concrete/stucco disposal and clean up

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I am using the Lanco blue color bonding agent for stucco and concrete work.

It says "water clean up". I also read online that you simply rinse the excess off the brush or roller so that's what I did in a utility sink.

After all the clean up was done I rested the cleaned roller (still has a little bit of the blue color residual) in a bucket. The next day I lifted the roller and it was stuck to the bucket. I had to pull it hard to get the roller off the bucket's surface. a bunch of the fibers from the roller came off, was stuck on the bucket.

This is from the tiny bit of greatly diluted bonding agent rinsed for several minutes and it still "glued" the roller to the plastic bucket.

I started to wonder, what about the rest of it I rinsed off, and washed down the drain? Wouldn't those be traveling down the drain pipe, and some of it settled on the bottom of the drain, mix with hair, grease, debris from garbage disposal and end up "gluing" those to the pipe?
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