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boiler shutdown for off season

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Although it's not the off season yet, I have a natural gas, two zone, hot water boiler that is used for winter time only. No pilot light, all electronic ignition. I have a seperate hot water tank for hot water.

Can I safely turn off all power to furnace/zone control switch (emergency red switch/kill switch at top of stairs) or just turn off the t/stat, or both? or just leave everything on during the off season?

Basement is dry and has a dehumidifier in case of humidity over 60%.

I have googled this question and there are a lot of different theroies out there.

Would like to throw this question out to the hvac diy community to see what some of you think about this.

Thanks in advance.
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i would shut it off.... not sure why you would leave it on.... someone may have other ideas ...stay tuned
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You can just turn down both thermostats.
Killing the power also works but it may just mean a dead thermostat batteries when it's time to start it up again.
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