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Boiler only fires up when front panel is removed

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Hi everyone,

I've searched high and low for an answer through Google but can't seem to find the answer.

We have hot water radiators and in floor hydronic heat, with a gas powered boiler. We've awoke with no heat for the past few mornings. We thought it was the thermostat so we've replaced it. But now we think it is an air circulation issue. When the boiler is not turning on when it's supposed to, as soon as I remove the front panel, it fires up. I've tried leaving the door to the furnace room open, but that isn't enough. It will only work when I remove the front panel.

Does anyone know what might be cause this?

Thank you!
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could be a dozen different issues.

- dirty gas burners, incorrect gas pressure to the burners, iginiter dying or spark in the wrong place or weak etc etc

best to get a Pro to check it out. if you leave it longer then it may start to have delayed ignition/explosion on startup which is dangerous. taking the door off is altering the airflow over/to the burners enough to get it to ignite but that sounds dangerous to me and I have seen LOTS of burned up wiring from delayed ignition in my many years.
make and model number this a high eff boiler.....ben sr
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