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I have a 30 year old Peerless boiler originally oil fired for my hot water radiator system, converted to gas 9 years ago to a Wayne P265F gas gun. Has been working fine for 9 years with no problems. Now I have an intermittent problem where the flame cuts out occasionally and it will not restart. I came home from a trip several months ago and the house was 45 degrees! The blower was running on the burner, the thermostat was calling for heat, but the burner was not lighting. The blower and the circulating pump were hot from running non-stop for hours. When I switched off the power and then switched it on again the burner lit immediately and ran for 10 minutes. Then it cut out again even though it had not come up to temp. The blower was still running and the thermostat was still calling for heat. The circulating pump continued to run. I tried this several times with the same result. Finally, I turned off the power and went to bed with lots of heavy blankets. When I got up in the morning I flipped on the power again and it started right up and ran for hours until it came up to temp. It ran consistently for several months and then the problem occurred again. This scenario has repeated every couple of months since. I have switched out the Honeywell Aquastat which was not performing well, but this did not resolve the problem. I am considering replacing the Honeywell S87K Direct Spark Ignition, but I feel like I am shooting in the dark. Anyone see this before? Any tips for troubleshooting? Thanks for anyone with any ideas.
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