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Blown light switch

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Ok, i turned on the light switch inside the house to turn on the outside lights, immediately the outside light blew and in addition the hall way light and the living room light/ceiling fan won't work now. I check the breaker and they all say
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if a breaker tripped it needs to be turned completely to the off position and then back on for it to reset. if it isnt the breaker then might be a burned wire in one of the boxes since more then one light are on the same circuit.
Did you actually turn the breaker to off postion however you will have to push it little more further you will feel a click then turn it back on if the lights did not come on then you have a loose connection at one of the switch box or one of the junction box so therefore check at the switch box first if not then one of the receptales connection can be bad if you don't have power there.

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